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    Try looking in the "scripts/data_library_35E.lua" file in the 3.5E ruleset for an example.

    You can copy to data_library_strange.lua in your own ruleset, and then you can strip out everything but the code that calls aRecordOverrides variable. You'll need to customize the onInit function to register your overrides, update the aRecordOverrides variable which your specific record type information, and make sure that the new "data_library_strange.lua" file is referenced in the base.xml as a global script called "LibraryDataStrange".

    Success! buttonsuccess.PNG
    Thank you so much!
    Now all I need to know is what you mean by/how to "customize the onInit function to register your overrides"

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    I just uploaded a fixed extension. The reason it was generating the windowclass error before is because I wasn't paying attention. Now it works as far as creating the Library button and bringing up a masterindex window.

    Quote Originally Posted by sujifae View Post
    Which part of the code in your extension controls the name in the Library?
    This part:

    <string name="library_recordtype_label_recursion">Recursions</string>
    Then take a look at scripts/data_library.lua in CoreRPG. You'll see reference to sDisplayText which is discussed in the commentary at the top of the file. The initialize() function defines it then later on the getDisplayText function pulls the string value from the record being called.

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    I was talking about slimming down the onInit function to only perform the loop to add the aRecordOverrides; since the rest of the stuff in that file is not needed for your case.


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