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    DunGen.app - high resolution Dungeon Generator


    This week was the public release of DunGen, a free and high resolution Dungeon Generator.

    DunGen will generate dungeons you can download at 50px per tile, default for Fantasy Grounds, or above if you'd like higher resolution. Images are perfectly aligned so there's no fiddling required to make it work with the grid and at that scale they are optimized to always be below 5mb in size to avoid slowing down the system.

    Simply import into FG and you're good to go.

    Example Dungeon at 70px
    Example Dungeon at 140px

    I hope you enjoy using it!

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    Welcome to the forums. Thanks for sharing.

    Do you have plans for further enhancements? Like other styles, doors, spacing, etc?

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    Thank you for the welcome!

    There's still a lot of work that can and will be done. At the moment it works like most dungeon generators but with a high quality dungeon map ready to be imported and some other differences like using plenty of rooms that aren't just squares, hallways of different sizes as opposed to always a single tile, and so on.

    The next steps are adding more themes/tilesets and traps and environmental rooms that will help with ambiance and to expand on the already varied rooms, which are currently in development. Other elements to further add character to the dungeon will be added little by little until eventually fully furnished dungeons are a possibility. It's still a bit early to say when that full generation might be available though, but it'll come!

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