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    LFG 1 Player LF Weekend Game Friday CST 6-8 Start prefer 5E

    FG License: Free
    Time Zone: Central
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Weekly game, Friday. Looking for a 6-8pm Start time. 4 to however many hours.
    Term: Long term, module or home brew. Trying to find a weekend group I can play with for a while.
    Voice: Any voice program. Discord preferred.

    Game System Preferred: 5e. Willing to play other systems though.
    Game System Experience: I have been playing D&D/Table Top for a long time, around 20 years. I like 5e and probably have the most experience with 3e. I am a quick learner though and could probably pick up any system. I will come prepared.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Only about 8 month playing in fantasy grounds (about 2 campaigns and am in a Tuesday group at the moment).

    Character Type Preferred: I prefer the non-support classes. I am really interested in playing a Swash Rogue, but I would be willing to fill whatever roll is needed. I generally dont play caster types though.
    About me: I like games that are 20/80ish RP/combat. I do like the RP aspect, but I don't like doing it for hours at a time. As I said, I have been playing D&D for about 20 years and have experience in other tabletops (whitewolf, shadowrun etc). I am 37, as such I would like to get into a more mature group, I will play with younger people, but understand that I do swear and drink (don't worry I wont get so drunk I cant play, but I do like to drink while playing). I am a punctual and reliable person, if I get into a group I will be on time for each session and will inform the DM ahead of time if I will be late or cant show, which should be very rare. I am happy to join a single campaign, but would like to find a group I can play multiple campaigns with. I am not interested in DMing, but am happy to chip in for any modules or supplements needed.

    You can message me here if you are looking for someone. Thanks.

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    I don't know if Friday is the only day you want to play, but I have a Saturday evening game and need another player:


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    Thanks, but I am looking for a Friday game.

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