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    ShadowRun 6th Edition (Planning on starting up a new RuleSet)

    So Catalyst Games is releasing the new edition here in the next couple months. I know that they have the "The Shadowrun Sixth World Beginner Box" which will have the "quick-start rules" which should be out after Origins Game Fair around June 12th. Then sometime in August they will be releasing "Shadowrun Sixth World Core Rulebook" and more over time as the year rolls on. I am going to start working on a RuleSet. So with that in mind, are there any suggestions on where I should start on getting this started.


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    Hi lebyrum,

    FG rulesets are coded in Lua and XML.
    And of course there are the graphics files too.

    Unpack CoreRPG (its really a zip file) and have a look at how things are connected.
    Then unpack 5E or 3.5E and do the same.

    With all current rulesets they load the engine first, CoreRPG second and the final ruleset last.
    The final ruleset adds lots of extra stuff and replaces some of the CoreRPG coding.

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    Wow, no posts in 9yrs, then to come back with a great one.

    I was so motivated, that I'm starting work on a Shadowrun 6th World ruleset for Fantasy Grounds Unity.

    Don't expect much, if anything, that's just how I roll. Start something, get a few days into it, then leave it for a few years, and by that time, there's a new version.

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    I hope to see good ruleset that I and my gamers can use !

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    I hope the OP is working on this. I did get into the ear of a few CGL guys while I was at last origins.

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    Hi dberkompas, how are you?

    How's your 6ed project going?

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    It died a quick and very painful death.

    Maybe it'll be resurrected in the future?

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    Maybe we can put pressure on Catalyst for an official port?

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