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    Dead Suns Campaign Recruitment

    Right now my group is finishing up Book 2 and I could use a couple more players for Dead Suns when we start Book 3 in July. We start the game @ about 8pm Central Standard US, run about 3-4 hours, and meet almost every week on Wednesday. I've got Fantasy Grounds Ultimate and all the core Starfinder books. Discord is required for voice chat. We're pretty casual and there will be swearing at the program because we're still getting use to it (it's good software but it does have it's...quirks), and some of our commentary isn't necessarily family friendly.

    New characters will start at level 4 (maybe 5, depending if the current crew get another level up by then). For gear, everything from the Pact Worlds is available and anything from beyond the Pact Worlds can be with a good paragraph or two to justify it. Any new characters do need to be members of the Starfinder Society for story reasons, but you don't have to take the archetype templates. Dead Suns modules will be tweaked a bit because there are some odd encounter design decisions by Paizo that don't quite fit the plot and to make it a little less railroady.

    Anyone interested?
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    Day of the week?
    Ultimate License Holder

    The Slumbering Tsar: Monday Nights @ 8pm
    Return of the Rune Lords: Wednesday Nights @ 8pm

    Time Zone: Central Time (GMT -6)

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    Fixed. Thought I had that in there.

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    Out of the forest at last (lol). I would join but I know too much

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    It's not as if it is a deep plot. The AP's description pretty much tells everything important. And I have to rejigger a few things that don't make sense as well as toughen up/replace a few encounters.
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    Wh00t! Just grabbed the final 3 modules of Dead Suns for Fantasy Grounds (already had the PDFs). Worth it for all the starship stuff.

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