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    IMPORTANT Suggestion


    I just found out that I'm not able to host the game but only connect to others... soo...

    There is my question : Why the Host of the game has to be the Master anyway?

    Should have some Option About that!!!!! Can something be done about it ?

    J. S. C.

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    You would have to purchase the full version if you want to host a game. That is the way the software is designed. In the full version you can create content and host games or join games and in the lite version you can only join games. The folks at Smite Works were being generous and selling a lite version so someone that never wanted to host a game wouldn't have to spend as much. You could always give the version you have to a friend as a gift and purchase a full version for yourself.

    *EDIT - I just read your post in the House of Healing that you couldn't connect. I thought you meant you bought the lite license but wanted to host a game. In any case I think you are out of luck. Unless you can find a way to bypass your dorms firewall you can only join games. The good news is that you can spend alot of your time creating content for the game for when you go home for the holidays or summer break. Then while at home you can host your game with killer content.
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    re IMPORTANT Suggestion

    I don't know about you but I tend to think every suggestion is important even the ones that don't come from me

    The licensing model requires server and client licenses. The Server has an expanded role and it only makes sense that it be the DM. The ports you need to open up to communicate with the program are not simply a hurdle to cross they are a route the program uses to pass data. The DM must pass data to all the players. Each player doesn't need the open port in part because he\she has much less data to pass.

    In my circle we pass aound the DM chair a bit but then everyone I play with has bought the full version. If you bought the player only version and your suggestion is "players should be able to DM" my suggestion is you buy the dm capable license.

    If you have network control issues eg. you can't open a game port try one of the commandline switches to make it work with a different (already opened port) I don't know how this works I've never done it.

    Their license model is pretty clear and IMHO the price is really good. Of course its possible to make the lite licenses the same as the full license but thats not a feature request so much as an attack on their pricing\license system.


    I reread your other posts and I don't want the above to sound less than helpful.

    For port communication problems you might want to ask another question to the forums. The problem (I think) is that even though you can convince Fgrounds to use another communications port the fgrounds server still needs control through that port at your host computer.

    ie. 1) Internet computers find your network at the router IP #
    2) The router has to 'route' requests from that port to your computer behind the gateway.

    (Anyone correct me if I'm wrong)
    Unless you can open a port of communication and have that port forwarded to your machine you cannot host the application. The clients (lite licenses) never need to control the sending of data so they don't need to have a forwarded port. The server (DM License) needs to direct the flow of pics, data etc... so it needs a mechanism to do so - the forwarded port.

    There might be another way to do this but I can't think of one without problems. Certainly this is a reasonable program design (witness it works - thats how ports are supposed to be used). Unfortunately, it relies on you having control or cooperation in assigning network resources.


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    There may be on option for you to host. You don't have to use port 1802, if you can find a port that is open there is a way to use that port in FG. Run FG with a parameter of a form '-pNN' where NN is the port you want to use.

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    Like port 80....


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    Hmm, finding an open port probably isn't the problem though the University could very well stealth them. Port 80 would work as an open port - it's the port forwarding that would be a problem.

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