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    LFG DnD 5e Adventurer's League after 6pm EST on weekdays or any time weekend

    I'm brand new to fantasy grounds, got years of D&D (mostly 3.5) under my belt, looking for a low level start in 5e. Just downloaded fantasy grounds, so I'd like to arrange with a group before I spend hundreds of dollars on digital content I might not need. Also, tips on AL-friendly character creation would be nice.

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    I'm new to DnD and interested in playing.

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    I have played a little 5e. Would like to go adventuring soon. Can you set something up for this weekend? Thanks!

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    Edmonton, Alberta Canada.
    I'm interested also in many games of AL. I have a Level 2 Sorcerer.
    I Like Swords!
    Time Can Be Your Ally, Use It Well!

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    I'm looking for a group as well, I have a bunch of DnD experience but no AL experience if that matters.
    I usually play utility roles but I'll play anything.
    I can do any weekday or Sunday any time.

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