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    Parsing an Adventure

    Hey everybody, So i have over the course of a many years gotten myself quite a hefty lot of adventure modules for D&D, Pathfinder and other systems. My question is what is the easiest way (other than repurchasing) to port them from PDF to Fantasygrounds. I have in the past just copied and pasted but I know people have used parsers...I am unfamiliar with them, I get the concept but can't seem to find one that will port my adventure pdf to a fantasygrounds module.
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    As for 5E, I've used this one to import text in larger quantities.

    For NPC imports I'd recommend this one.

    To grab images from pdf's I recommend.

    Some Photoshop work may be required to apply alpha masks and otherwise finalize images and tokens before use. This process will may easily take a multitude of hours on top of everything else if you want it done properly.

    Beside the above tools, manually entering content in smaller quantities directly into FG is surprisingly easy and effective.

    This is also a great tool I've used on multiple occasions to create reference manual in FG from story entries.
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    Be aware, no tool, is just going to take a PDF and in a single swipe make it an FG module. Their are just too many inconsistencies with PDF's to do that. Rob Twohy has a YouTube video and document for the dozen or two steps he goes through when he converts. I think it's linked from here; http://fgc-kb.fantasygroundscollege....on-conversion/

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    I use Adobe Acrobat, but it costs money. For image editing I use GIMP or Paint.net.
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    Copy paste into a text document first- use something like Notepad++. This will allow you to do some formatting - paragraphs, getting rid of double spaces and other weird characters that you'll get from a pdf. And then copy paste from the text file into FG.
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    Thanks for all the replies, I'll be converting a ton of modules slowly but surely.
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