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    Quote Originally Posted by Talyn View Post
    No automation == don't click all the clickies. Need to roll something? Grab the dice and roll them, and apply the results as needed. That's how it was back in the day, that's still how it is on all the non-automated rulesets.
    Not 100% true. Ikael has hardcoded some things that you can't opt out of like the +2 bonus when rerolling due to Elan for example. FG will automatically apply that +2 modifier and there is no way to switch it off. It doesn't bother me since it's one less mod I have to remember to apply manually, something I've struggled to do in the past IRL.

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    I think Talyn was talking about just rolling the dice manually using the 3D models at the bottom. These are just basic dice rolls without any context, so no automation should be performed.


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    This topics has been included into next ruleset development cycle. Plan is to allow GM to disable as much roll, card and targeting related automation as possible. However these options does not allow you to pick your favorite automation and disable everything else; this will be more of all-or-nothing options with few exceptions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mac40k View Post
    Ok, I admit to occasionally finding myself spending too much time during a session trying to figure out how to properly add an effect, but I also quite frequently joke about the fact that I doubt I could run SW face-to-face at this point since I've gotten so spoiled by FG automation.
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