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    Is there a way in this ruleset to specify that a hero is immune to fortitude effects (for example)?

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    I believe that the ruleset is mostly designed around providing all the rulebook data and record sheets. I don't believe that any of the rules are automated for that ruleset.

    I'm not familiar with the game system specifically, and there is not currently an active developer for the ruleset; so I'm not completely sure. That ruleset was developed when M&M was released 7 years ago, and uses features available at that time.


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    Actually, some of the ruleset is automated, mostly basic things like automatically rolling saves from attacks and applying the effect. But the more complicated items like AOE attacks having two saves with no attack roll are not. Immunity to fortitude effects is not, to the best of my knowledge. The system doesn't even support an effect that persists until save like the 5e ruleset. The saves need to be made manually and the effect removed manually.

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    Power: Immunity
    Rank: 30
    Descripter: Fortitude
    This effectively makes your character immune to all effects that make you take a fortitude check.

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    It has been a while since I have used this ruleset, mostly due to it not being updated, so I would have to check if immunity is supported. When I get a chance I'll check to see if it does. No promises on when I'll get a chance though.

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