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    There's unfortunately not enough content (excluding Doomsday Dawn which seems to be particularly focused to stress-test specific mechanics) to cover level 2 and 6 individually. Only the level 1 scenario consists of quests, the other ones seem to be regular scenarios.

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    OK, Jonathan, thanks for the update - so here is my introduction.

    ​A diminuitive creature approaches your group and softly clears his voice. ​ "Hello, My name is Lokeyach" ​says a small gnome with pronounced features donning leather garb and a small bow over his shoulder.​ "I hear you guys are investigating the dealth of one of your newest recruits. To tell you the truth, I knew him only in passing." (pun intended) ​ At this he pauses for a second as in deep thought, as he sniffs the air...​ "I can sense the smell of murder most foul. I would appreciate the opportunity to join your quest and play my part in this work, and I guess with the death of your newest recruit, this leaves you one man short in your numbers. So if you are looking for a short man to shore up your numbers, then consider this small gnome as one of your own."

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    Looking at the eager recruit the VC thinks to himself: "Well, what's the worst that can happen with a gnome in the party... I'm sure it will be fine. Probably."

    @everyone: As I was asked several times by different persons:

    Originally, the plan was (and still is) to run the game every second week. Due to splitting the quests across two dates there were some questions whether this still applies to the next date however.

    I had assumed so but based on the responses so far there are other opinions.

    With this background: Do you want to play the two remaining quests (about 2-3 hours) on MON 17th or would everyone already have time on (or at least wouldn't mind) MON 10th (so that the next level 5 scenario can be played on either MON 25th or MON 17th)?

    Again, this does not change the original plan of running every second week but takes into account that the quests don't take as much time.

    I am fine with either decision: I can run it but don't have to.

    (On another note, regardless of the answer no game will be scheduled on the 1st of July as I'll probably be busy.)

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    I'd have time on the 10th, so I wouldn't mind playing then, but I'm also ok with sticking to the original plan and playing the last 2 quests on the 17th.
    I probably don't have time on the 24th, though.
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    I'm fine to play the 10th and then either `7th or 25th as suggested.

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    I prefer to stick to playing every second week, so 17th next. I'm not available on 10th.

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    I'm also fine for the 10th (today) and 17th, and unavailable on the 24th

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    Alright, thanks.

    Based on the responses (and the fact that it already is Monday) I would say we stick to the original schedule, so the last two remaining quests will be on MON 17th.

    Please note we might have to take a short break afterwards if we don't have enough people to schedule something on the 24th as I'll be traveling the following week.

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    I'd be interested in joining if I may? Pathfinder 2 seems interesting. I'm not sure what I'd play, probably a gnome rogue if possible. If not, a gnome paladin works. I can whip up a character before the session on Monday with minimal effort.
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    Alright, thanks. Please send me your character around 24 hours before the game so I can review any relevant rules.

    As mentioned before be aware this is the playtest, so the rules will still change (or to be more precise: they have already changed but we don't know these changes yet).

    I'm pretty sure the 7 characters maximum rule also applies to the playtest but I'll look it up.

    @everyone: As I believe we are at seven players now currently all spots would be filled.

    If anyone is not available for a particular date please notify me in advance so I can tell any additional players

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