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    Kyrian Starlock character .xml
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    Argent the dwarf fighter attached
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    Sorry for sharing it so late, attached you will find my character.
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    Alright, thanks.

    The server is up.

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    Thanks again for tonight. In case you need it my Pathfinder Society ID is 124105
    See you all on the 17th

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    Thanks, I hope to see all of you on the 17th again for the next two quests.

    The two quests should now be reported on the paizo site.

    If I don't have your email or Discord, you can find the chronicle attached.

    @Myrddin: I don't think I have your Paizo Organized Play ID but be sure to correct me if I missed it somehow.

    Edit: And for anyone else interested: The next game (the remaining two quests) is scheduled to be MON June 17th 6 PM GMT (7 PM UK, 8 PM GER).
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    I have a level 1 and a level 2 character that I can bring for this one depending on the level of the characters. The Level 1 character is fresh and the Level 2 character finished the first part playtest. Applied on the calendar as a level 1 just in case and will provide the .xml file when you le me know which one you want me to play.

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    Jake I think Stephan is running these ones as "official playtest", and therefore, unless I'm mistaken, the adventures are all a fixed level 1 (with additional adventures being fixed 5 or 10)
    What are you playing as?

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    With the playtest it doesn't make too much of a difference but yes, the level for the next game is level 1.

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    Well it'd make a difference because nice things happen character development wise at lvl2 and lvl 6 among others, so if there are multiple level 1 and lvl 5 quests it would be great to level up through them to try that lvl 2 and 6 content

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