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    I aim to be there on the 10th Stephan. Just trying to get levelled up t0 5

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    OK Im really struggling to understand how to level up. Its late now so Ill try again tomorrow after work. Apologies in advance.

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    If you need help leveling up during EST, I can open my FG and have you connect to create a character. Let me know if and when you want me to help out.

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    Due to the lack of responses so far I'm unfortunately not too confident that there will be a game today.

    I will be online at 6 PM GMT but we would need at least 3 players.

    If you are able to attend today's session but haven't told me, please write me a quick message.

    I will post here if there is new information.

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    Sorry Stephan, I tought that next sesion was the 15th of July. Unfortenatly today I am not able to play the game, i will totally be able for next Monday tough.

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    Hello Stephan, further to last nights message I just can’t make it tonight. I’m not levelled up yet (thanks for your offer jakemtl) but more importantly still stuck at work for a while. I am available this coming Monday though. Sorry this is last minute.

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    Alright, no problem. It was rather short notice.

    With that, no game today, next game on July 15th 6 PM GMT.

    I'll probably post a new thread for it later so I can determine how many players there will be.

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    See here for the next game (it's easier to see how many players there are).

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    If you haven't done so already, please sign up here for the next game tomorrow so I know whether to expect a pregen or not.

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