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    Ars Magica ... Charsheet Ruleset

    Heh. Just got an answer from Atlas-Games on permission to create CRS for ArsMagica and adding in house-rules as a ruleset.

    In fact they seemed downright positive. Sooo, now it is just waiting for version 2.0 to fall into my greedy/eager little hands... (... 11" hands.. no wait, there is NO way in heck I can call those little can I? )
    For your Ars Magica needs :

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    That's great!

    Good luck.


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    Sweet! Good job getting that!

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    Truely good news. That's a ruleset that will benefit from the ability to use open ended die rolls.

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    Great work! Ars Magica has an awesome magic system and it'd be sweet to have the ruleset available.
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