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    Fantasy Grounds Unity Kickstarter - Final 20 hours

    The Kickstarter campaign ends on May 30 at 4pm EST. Last chance to buy in to get the Kickstarter exclusives for backers. Asset Packs and unlocked portraits will be a final part of the product, but the extra modules and tokens are only for backers.

    There is one more goal to unlock if we cross $500K.

    With under 20 hours to go, where do you think we will end up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison View Post
    With under 20 hours to go, where do you think we will end up?
    I'm still going with half a million. After the first day that's been my prediction.
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    Okay with a close (at this point it may go over) to half million dollar KS. I have a request. Can you spend some of the $$ on commissions for game systems? BRP is dire straights and I'd personally love to see Mythras added or even projects that have been started like W.O.I.N. actually finished? I know you rely on community development but if you stuck some cash "bounties" out there to spruce up the more fringe games you might garner a lot more development. Just a thought. I know WoTC/Piazo are the 10000 pound gorillas but I'm sick of seeing everything done for them while really good old and new system, some of which are officially supported and are on in the store languish in obscurity.

    If this is a all a bad idea run another KS for some of the games many of us would like to see and let me put my money where my mouth is. Some systems like HERO/Champions have been in "community" development for near a decade. Some of the community rulesets like GURPS and WHFRP are almost good enough to be commercial products. And while 2d20 is supported pretty well under MoreCore it would be cool to have it as a ruleset in it own right since Modiphius seem to be making all their stuff fall under it. Mythras would be cool has hell to see official support for. Stars Without Number the list goes on an on...

    I know I'm deeply in the minority but if I see another 5e Path/Starfinder extravaganza hit the store I may yurk...

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    Hello Nurgelrot, I think running separate Kickstarters for other systems make sense for the future. IMO, a game system should stand on its own.

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    Won't be awake to say so when you cross the finish line, so I'm saying it now: congrats to the SmiteWorks team on the super-successful Kickstarter!

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    Awesome job. I won't make any (more) predictions even though we are so close to the end. You've managed to smash everyone I've made so far. I've finally learned to shut my mouth and just sit back and watch!

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    Congrats on a super successful kickstarter and Thank You for such a great product. Looking forward to actually trying it out.

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    Congratulations everyone! Only 4 hours and I wish I could give more. The next pledge level for me would be the Rookie/Veteran - Benefactor, but it's just not financially possible. Although, the added features sound fantastic. Good luck to the next goal. Love what is going on here.

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    Congratulations on the amazing Kickstarter. Can't wait to get my hands on the beta! Still 3 1/2 hours, optimistic that 500k happens
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    Fantastic tool, fantastic job!! Not expect less!!

    Congrats to all the team!!

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