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    • [CoreRPG+] Health bars in party sheet didn't update correctly when maximum health updated. Fixed.


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    Thanks to Joshua for helping put together these new higher resolution token effect icons. They work better with the new token effect icon size option, as well as for display in FGU down the road.


    • [CoreRPG+] Updated token effect icon graphics.
    • [5E] Added token effect icons for ADV/DIS effects.
    • [PFRPG/3.5E/4E/d20Mod] Added token effect icons for CA and GRANTCA effects.
    • [CnC] Added token effect icons.
    • [PFRPG/3.5E/4E/d20Mod] Cover and conceal effect icons not displayed unless effect modifier used. Fixed.
    • [DEV][CoreRPG+] Moved common token effect icon graphics to CoreRPG layer.


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    • [DEV][CoreRPG+] Consolidated most of token icon handling code in CoreRPG layer.


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    While I was originally thinking of releasing earlier, I decided to put a couple more things in. No more plans to make changes other than bug fixes at this point, so target release dat is Aug. 5. (After I get back from Florida travel for FGU alpha party.)


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    Okay, there is a strange issue, see also the attached image Both the health dot/bar and the icons for effects somehow glitch to the right part of tokens when they are always being shown (the issue is solved when they are only shown by hovering over the token), i.e. I can already grab the token on some space right to it (or right down also right up if health bar seemingly). The higher the number of effects is the larger the space gets (therefore I assume that the icons somehow glitch to the right although they are not shown anymore since the token is too small. But this glitch also happens when all icons can be shown). But I also have that problem with no effects just due to the health bar (although the space is small then). Also the scaling seems to matter: The smaller the health bar is compared to the token the bigger the "glitch-space" to the right, especially that token scaling is needed to reproduce it (seemingly).

    (3.5e without extensions; health is shown by the bar and the effects by icons in the options. Effects were blinded, cowering and flat-footed)

    EDIT: Oh, I see that the pointer is not saved in the screenshot. Just one moment to reupload the image
    EDIT2: Added some arrow in the picture where my mouse pointer was (hah, I never realized that the mouse pointer is not saved by using the print button )
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