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    Interest check PF2 playtest scenarios weeknight GMT or weekends

    Probably not a lot of people reading this but is anyone still interested in playing the PF2 playtest scenarios (The Rose Street Revenge, Raiders of Shrieking Peak, Arclord's Envy, The Frozen Oath)?

    We'd probably not waste too much time discussing difficult rules that are certain to change but it still could be interesting.

    I'd prefer weeknight GMT but with the Signal of Screams delay I might also be able to run it on a weekend.

    Please do state your interest and availability (preferable in GMT so I don't get utterly confused) here so I can get a better picture of whether there is enough interest.

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    I'm interested. In general, Mondays, Fridays, and every other Tuesday work. Time would be something around 4 pm GMT or later, but shouldn't be too late on Mondays or Tuesdays and a few Fridays since I have to work the next day.
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    I'd be interested in getting in on a game. I'm running a long-running RotRL campaign every other Sunday, so would really only be able to commit to a mid-week time slot. Typically, I'm based in the UK and available most Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and every other Tuesday from around 8pm until late. I'd love to do something on a fortnightly basis.

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    Alright, thanks.

    Looks like either MON or TUE (if the available Tuesdays line up) fortnight might be an option then if we get 1-2 more players.
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    Currently 3 players interested so I created a doodle poll.

    It should adjust the timezone but in case it doesn't the dates should be MON and TUE, either 4 PM or 5 PM GMT starting time. Please note that I may be unavailable on June 10th/11th but I included it just in case.

    Games would be approxiximately every second week (depending on schedules) and should still qualify for playtest points.

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    Unfortunately, 4pm or 5pm GMT would be too early for me. I'm not available until 7pm GMT.

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    I can add a few more options to the poll but I'm not sure that will resolve the differences between "4 pm GMT or later, but shouldn't be too late"and "7pm GMT".

    The Rose Street Revenge quests might work but not the longer scenarios.

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    Hello. I am interested in participate in the playtest.

    Both timeslots suit me fine.

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    I would like to join the play test, I am available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Friday from 19:00 and later

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    Alright, thanks.

    I'll try to add additional timeslots in the doodle tomorrow so we can determine which time works best for most (though be warned that it seems unlikely to find a date where everyone can join).

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