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    The War of the Burning Sky

    The Holy Lands

    It encompasses over 750,000 square miles of territory and is home to nearly forty million citizens, not one but who owes fealty to Most Holy in Val Narond. Forty million people living out their lives under the crimson and gold, sharing the same customs, the same language, the same religion, all semblance of dissent ruthlessly quashed under the iron-shod boots of the Inquisition. But it was not always so.

    Ten years ago, a last alliance of rag-tag rebels formed. Calling themselves the Grey Rebellion, they chose to stand against the conquest of their lands, seeking to wage a guerrilla war of attrition against the vastly superior armies of The Holy Lands.

    Look back with me to the time when a handful of rebels stood against the might of the world itself, to ten years ago, deep in the mountains. Our story begins with a small band of soldiers called “Alpha Company.” Sent to reconnoiter troop positions and meet with a woman named Torrent who has vital military intelligence, you encountered a clutch of Wyverns and barely escaped with your lives. Your sergeant wasn’t so lucky. He lies at your feet, talon marks on his neck, life’s blood spilled there beneath a spreading oak tree.

    The night is cool and clear, not a cloud in the sky, and you can feel the chill of winter on the air. Stars twinkle overhead and all around you, you can hear the sounds of the forest sleeping. You smell honeysuckle and pine needles mingled with the coppery scent of the sergeant’s blood and the rich tang of his sweat. In the distance the lonely cry of a coyote rolls out over the forest, drawing your eyes up to the full moon overhead.

    You’ve made it to Gatepass and have a bit of time before your meeting with Torrent is set to commence. The mission lies before you. What do you want to do?

    Hello Friends!

    I am a DM looking to recruit some adventurers to go through a really cool module. I tried running this campaign a few months ago and it went well for a while but for multiple reasons (mostly from me), it fell through. I would like to try it again but finish it through this time.

    Campaign Name: The War of the Burning Sky

    RPG System: D&D Fifth Edition played on Fantasy Grounds (I have an ultimate license so it will not cost you a thing)

    Campaign Genre: Fantasy.

    Campaign Style: I am a lover of stories, so that will always be my focus, but I do enjoy encounters. And by encounters, I don’t mean every one of them will be a combat. Could be puzzles, RP or anything in between. I do my best to make encounters challenging and fun with multiple ways to surpass them. But it all comes down to the players If you want a hack and slash type of game I can do that, if you want 60/40 RP to combat I can do that too.

    Number Of Players: I’m looking for 4-5 players.

    Logistics: This will be a Voice game, facilitated through discord

    Time & Day: Mountain time. Sessions will be 3-4 hours and could go longer depending on whether or not we are at a good stopping point. Sundays are going to be the most consistent time frames for me but the actual day and time is open to a mutually agreeable decision of the final Group. Since my work schedule is kind of all over the place at the moment, the first few sessions may be a bit random until I can get a more stable work situation.

    Player Preferences: I have no preference as to Gender or age so long as you are (relatively) mature I don’t really mind. I also do not care if you have never played a TTRPG game in your life or you are a 40 year vet I just prefer people who will be both invested in their character, in the story, and can bring the World to life through clever roleplay, awesome dialogue, and immensely cool actions.

    If you’re a “power Gamer”, “munchkin” or anyone who’s objective is to “win” or “beat” the game, or to make the most powerful character you can by cheating the rules or some crazy multiclass that makes no sense, then I am not the DM for you.

    Language: English

    Expected Commencement Date: Depending upon responses I expect to start sometime pretty soon, but I am prepared to take as long as it does to find the right people.

    Expectations: I expect this Campaign to run for quite a while. Long enough for characters to grow, and evolve and to play out the story whichever way the players take it. If you’re looking for a one-off or a short series of games then this is NOT the game for you. I expect the Players to commit to the possibility of a long campaign, hence the detailed recruitment. Now, life changes and things happen, so while I expect you to commit to the Campaign I also realize that sometimes unforeseen events occur, so if you need to miss a session or two then we’ll accommodate you by rearranging the schedule or postponing the session, but only when you give some notice or in the case of an emergency. I don’t even mind if you feel the need to drop-out, as long as you let me know in advance and, at the very least, genuinely start the Campaign with the intention to “see it through.” In exchange for all this, you can expect a committed GM who will do his very best to provide you with a great Campaign full of intrigue, mystery, heroics, and danger. You can also expect a regular game with as few interruptions to the gaming schedule and Group as possible. All the adventures are available on the Internet: resist the temptation to “look ahead;” you’ll only spoil things for yourself and your fellow gamers.

    If you'd like more information on the setting, here is a link to my Homebrew. Check it out and let me know what you think.



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    Sounds like a fun campaign. I’d need some time to think on a class, though. I’m leaning toward the magic-using classes, because I realized I’ve not played a Wizard or Sorcerer in 5E.
    I like to make characters with detailed backstories and enjoy campaigns with a lot of character development. It tends to bond the players as well as the characters.

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    Hey it sounds really interesting! Are you still looking for players? If so I would love to join! Is there any information you would like to know about me?

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    Hi, I just got fantasy grounds and keen to give it a go. I usually play DnD with a group of friends face to face around a table but due to a new job I have to start missing sessions and may have to drop out all together. Hence why I thought I would give virtual table top a go. I would be interested in joining your game. I live in New Zealand so the time difference might be pretty crazy, but from what I gather with the time difference, your Sunday's are like my Mondays i think, and I dont have work on a monday so should be free to that day sometime. anyway msg me if you have any questions or want to know more.

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    I am new to the site, as in joined today, and I'm looking for a longterm group to join. I have played D&d all my life and I am a person who plays themes over power 85% of the time. I also tend to play clerics/heal bots as I normally pick my character last and honestly, I don't mind the role.

    However, I am in a personal group where I am playing a healer and want to branch out into a new roll. If the game is on either Wed or Sunday I'd like to join and if possible would you consider allowing a pseudodragon (yaunti stats?) rogue? I've always wanted to play a tiny sized dragon and think it would be fun.

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