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    I am building GCS export support

    But I need some help. Does anyone know where I can find a specification for the "/importchar" XML format? The Fantasy Ground website is just a confusing maze to me. I found nothing in the "Developer Guide" https://www.fantasygrounds.com/wiki/...eveloper_Guide

    BTW, I am about 80% complete with the PC export... but I am having to do this "in the blind".


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    The way I worked it out for my importers was to create various characters and reverse engineer the resulting XML.

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    Yeah, that is what I am having to do. It works, but takes a few iterations to figure stuff out.

    The export uses a custom text export template, but it requires some additional coding to support all of the tags needed. When I am done, I will present it to Richard to incorporate into GCS.

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    Tis done! The next release of GCS (http://gurpscharactersheet.com/) will now support Fantasy Grounds PC and NPC exports. Once it is released, we will create a "how to" video and let the importing begin!

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