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    LFP 5-6 Ghosts Of Saltmarsh Campaign

    FG License: Ultimate
    Game System: 5E

    Time Zone: Eastern (GMT -5)
    Day of week and time: Saturday
    If new game, planned start date: 6/8
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly
    Term: Long

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 40/60
    Number of Players in game & needed: 5-6
    Character starting level & equipment: level 1 Per PHB
    Character restrictions: All PHB, Volos, XGTE

    Text or Voice: Both
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Hey all, with the new Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign book just released, I've decided to start running it as looks like it will be pretty fun. Here are going to be some rules to my campaign when I run it:

    General Campaign Rules:

    1. All players will be required to attend session 0 unless your character is already made and ready to go. Failure to do so will risk getting booted from the campaign
    2. I am big on attendance. I am willing to run at least a side adventure depending on where the current progress of the campaign is if at least 2 people show up to play for that evening's session. With this being said, that is gonna cause exp totals to not be equal between everybody. I am ok with that as it encourages people to show up. If the majority of people show up then we will proceed as normal. If not, then the few that do show up that session will get a little bit ahead of everybody else that did not make it.
    3. If attendance becomes a problem without a valid reason, you will be booted.
    4. If there is a question about a rule, spell, etc, research can certainly be done but the ruling of the DM is final
    5. Have fun.

    Character Creation:

    1. Standard Point Buy System
    2. Races, classes, and backgrounds that would be found from the PHB, XGTE, SCAG, and Ghosts Of Saltmarsh are allowed
    3. Picking backgrounds will be especially required
    4. All characters will start at level 1 unless otherwise determined by the DM
    5. If a character dies, the player whose character died will be allowed to create a new one at a level that is the party average (rounded down)
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    Interested in joining if it’s Friday evenings. What kind of game do you plan to run? Is it more RP, combat, or somewhere in between?


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    Availability: Friday or Saturday evenings
    Players: 2 (Myself and my wife)
    Both are moderately exp'd in 5e with only a little(unfortunately) in FG but hoping to get more

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    Hey there, I am interested in playing (rather than DMing for once). I would be available either on Saturdays (prefer no earlier than 11am EST start, 1pm would be ideal but am free all day) or late Fridays (starting no earlier than 8 or 9pm EST).

    I am a PhD student so there is a small chance I would have to cancel on short notice to go collect data, but this is extremely unlikely for Friday nights and fairly unlikely for Saturdays. I've played d&d related games like baldur's gate since I was a kid and have been playing d&d as a TTRPG (mixture of IRL play, Roll20, and here) for about 7 years on and off. Typically I end up being a DM but I really want to play a character and dive deep rather than dipping my toe into a bunch of characters (as one does as a DM). If you are at all interested in having me in the game, please PM me a discord link so we can chat at some point about our preferred styles of play (getting along with each other and have comparable play-styles makes for a more enjoyable and longer lasting campaign and chating over voice is the best way to figure that out in my experience).

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    Would love to join. Could do either Friday or Saturday after 7pm CST. Been playing D&D since mid 80's (yes, that means I am a bit on the older side ). So have played most editions of D&D, and have in the past run a few games myself including 5e.

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    Would love to join on Saturday evenings (EST). Can run a character that benefits group. Will communicate well with DM. Played D&D and DM'd since Basic set. Currently running FG campaign on Fridays.

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    Hey guys, it looks like I'm gonna run it on Saturdays based on current input

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    Very interested for a Sat Evening game would be awesome

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    I'm interested in joining, not to get too personal but I'm on disability so I've got time to game just a matter of if I'll be awake As long as its past noon a little ways I'll definitely be able to play. If its earlier it will be a bit tougher but I might manage if its not too early. I'm GMT -6 so cst.

    I like your attendance policy its a bit of a drag to miss a game you've been hyped about for the whole week. Still life happens, and I don't want people to get booted unless its a real problem, mainly because getting a new person will probably be finicky.

    I want to play an lawful neutral Orc, ex slave. Was sold from his tribe for appearing to be a coward having survived a battle. Could probably work it into the ship theme by having him being a rower, and he survived a nasty storm. Now he knows the might of the civilized world, and plays by its rules.

    Plenty more options I'd like to try though, if people need something else.
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    I'm interested in joining if you're still looking. The Saturday evening works for me. I'm good with your rules. I have a couple of ideas for characters right now.

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