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    LFP 3 Players for Castles and Crusades/Mouth of Doom Playtest

    LFP Rappan Athuk: The Mouth of Doom
    FG License: Ultimate License
    Game System: Castles and Crusades

    Time Zone: EST
    Day of week and time: Saturday May 25th, 2019 at 7:30pm est
    Planned start date: May 25, 2019
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3 hours (7:30 to 10:30 est), if we decide to contine, it will be every other week at the same time
    Term: One-shot (kind of)

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Teamspeak

    Number of Players needed: 3 more players

    Details of your scenario: I recently converted the Mouth of Doom from Rappan Athuk for the Castles and Crusades game system. Wanted to make sure I've done decently. I have pregens. Hope to see folks there!!!

    Please click this link to sign up!!!

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    I would be very interested. You can read my profile to get a better idea of me in my bio. Thanks.

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    I accepted you. Keep in mind, this is Castles and Crusades, not D&D, but you are more than welcome!

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    Still got a couple of spots left!!!

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    signed up if you still have room, never played C&C before, but i would like to give it a go.

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