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    Hellfrost Published Adventure Sequences

    I think there are several separate adventure sets and was wondering where to find how they fit together.

    Specifically wanting to use stuff in the Freelands area but interested if there is a better starting location.

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    I believe the only modules that are linked together are the ones for the mini plot point campaign, Saga of the Frost Giants.
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    That's what I was thinking but figured it was very possible that I had missed some.

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    I assume "The Mouth of the Frothing Bear" can be near the Freelands?

    "Shadow of Darkness" starts out of Hellfrost Keep so I guess that is in the Freelands and is part of the Saga of the Frost Giants series.

    "The Dark Seed" could be set at the edge of Stone Forest which still counts as part of the Freelands.

    "Pirates of the Crystalflow" is nearby if the players want to go that direction.

    I think I have the area covered but there are a bunch of one off adventures out in the wild and I might have missed some.

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    Start in the freelands, all the novice adventures are around there

    This is what I used for my Campaign (maps and doc in TAG forums)

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    Helpful, thanks

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    I found that "Decent into Madness" is in the Freelands.

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