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    Did anyone actually talk to Palladium?

    Another batch of Savage RIFTS is coming out, and older stuff is being updated for the new edition, so I am ignited anew for wanting to play some, yet it remains the most glaring omission from Fantasy Grounds's library. I know Palladium has a history of being rather... obstreperous about their properties, but selling the books as FG modules is money on their table. Did they actually get contacted and shoot down the idea of licensing the modules, or are people just assuming that's what they'd do?

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    Original answer:
    Usually, any new content for a new game system on the FG platform is driven by a community developer who is interested in building the ruleset. From there, we can reach out to publishers to show them a prototype of the ruleset, and what it would look like on the platform. Then, the publisher has to agree to license their books for resale. Once all the contract pieces are in place, then we can actually start releasing content.

    We have very rarely reached out to publishers without already having a developer. We have learned that without a developer to build out and support the content, then spending time securing a license is a recipe for dashed expectations.

    Revised answer:
    Just reviewing again, I realized we are specifically talking about Savage RIFTS, which is a dual license arrangement. To date, we have not been able to secure any dual license products on our store, since the original licensee is usually not interested. In this specific case, we actually talked to the owner of the Rifts IP several years ago at Gencon, and were informed that any digital licenses were "complicated" due to previous license arrangements.

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    Yes, specifically RIFTS; I'm not aware of anything else Palladium has let the Savage folks convert. And your story is a bummer, but pretty believable; I seem to recall that there was an attempt to make a RIFTS video game at some point, so there may well be some weird legal agreement floating around about digital content. Not to suggest that Kevin Siembieda would go into a legal agreement with a large lizard wearing a fedora if he thought it could make a RIFTS movie, but, well. Palladium's had some rocky years here and there.

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    What if we staged an elaborate dance number beside the Palladium Booth at GenCon. Mr Siembieda can't resist 20 sets of sweaty jazz hands can he? That aside, what if we presented a petition showing that there is real interest in the community. Maybe that could be motivation to clear up the licensing issues that exist?

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    I wish it would: Savage RIFTS would be an instant buy for me.

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    It's not up to anyone from FG, honestly. The licensing with Pinnacle specifically states that their PDF is the only permitted electronic format. So Palladium and Pinnacle will have to revise their contract before SmiteWorks can even have that discussion.

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