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    Building on Trenloe's Spell Compendium

    Hello all,

    I'm not sure if this goes against any sort of ToS, if it does, I apologize.

    Trenloe had the spell module up to pre Occult, and I was wondering if there was any community or other work done to expand on that.

    At the very least, if there is a certain book that Trenloe stopped at, that would be great, as we could build from there.

    If there has been any other work on that module, then pointing me in that direction would also be awesome.

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the FG forums!

    As mentioned in the thready you linked: "This covers PFSRD info on Paizo spells up to Adventure Path 95, recent Player Companions and Campaign Setting books. It does not cover Occult Adventures as this hasn't been released to the PRD yet. This module contains 2036 spells!" Up to September 2015.

    There was a more up-to-date module created (only by about 1 year), but that author removed all of their community content that they'd previously provided.

    I'm not aware of anyone working on a more recent module.

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    So if I start with anything after Giantslayer 5 date-wise, and go from there, that would be probably the best way to go?

    Thank you!

    Derp. Sept 2015. I can read, I swear...
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