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    Campaign corrupt?


    Switching between Test and Live servers seems to have killed my campaign files.
    Loading my campaign, I am getting following errors:

    Any tips, how I get my files back and prevent this from happening in the future?


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    That isn't a corrupt campaign, that is an issue with the rulesets (CoreRPG and/or Traveller) and any extensions you may be running.

    I'd recommend:
    1) Backing up your campaign, just in case.
    2) Switch to live (if you aren't there already).
    3) Perform a FG update.
    4) Disable any extensions.

    Then see if you get the issue. If you do, please provide a screenshot of the chat window just after loading a campaign - so that we can see the versions of everything that is loaded.
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    ok, switching back to test, back to live again, then back to test and suddenly it worked again.
    Something was definitely outa whack, but can't say what.

    Backing up the folder now ...

    Thanks for the quick reaction, Trenloe!

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