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    Unable to Install Fantasy Grounds

    Hello new user here - I purchased the game as well as a few 5e books from steam and have been unable to load anything. I receive this error every time I try to run the client - "unable to write data directory" | I understand that all the folders and all the programs need permissions to do this and I have done this so many times now and it still gives me this issue.

    It also gives me this runtime error: Runtime Error: Unable to write to data directory (E:/Users/Jaunty/AppData/Roaming/Fantasy Grounds/lleX<|_&|Xl|Xl|e**;d/)

    There is no folder or file name with this nor do I believe such a name is even possible. I have validated my files, uninstalled and reinstalled this game multiple times, and have straight up removed the files from my computer in hopes that it would self correct and reinstall properly to no avail.

    I love what I have seen so far and would love some help with this.

    I am running on Windows 7 and through Steam.

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    Welcome to the FG forums, sorry you're having issues.

    That looks like the registry that holds the data directory has somehow become corrupted.

    After you've done a basic install. Look for the FGUpdaterEngine.exe file, usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Fantasy Grounds and run this - click the "Settings" button when it starts. Then check the "Data Directory" set - it probably shows E:/Users/Jaunty/AppData/Roaming/Fantasy Grounds/lleX<|_&|Xl|Xl|e**;d/ change this to E:/Users/Jaunty/AppData/Roaming/Fantasy Grounds/ and then click "OK" and run an update.

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    Now I've got egg on my face - looked pretty much everywhere else besides where it said the problem was. Thank you so much for the help with this specific issue, Trenloe

    I have other issues regarding the client not turning into the ultimate edition even with the serial key in its appropriate location. Would this need it's own separate thread as well?

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    Welcome! I’m sure the resident AI will be right back to help you further, but I’ll chime in here, too. Make sure you run an update after entering your key in Settings. Also make sure your forum/store username and password are entered in Settings. That’ll make sure your books get downloaded during an update.

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    Yep - User Name and password were input and the client confirmed that they were accepted. I've run the updater a ton with/without the lite to full key in place. I also copied directly from the clipboard steam provided. It accepts the basic license key and seems to accept the upgrade but the version number remains 3.3.7 without the ultimate subtitle following it. Thanks for your help though! I appreciate any and all at this point

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    I think you want to only put in the Ultimate key in the first field. The “lite to full” one is for a different level. They used to sell “lite” player-only licenses. Try leaving that field blank and only using the Ultimate key in the first spot.
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    Ayyyy fantastic! Thanks so much! Everything looks good to go now.

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    Glad it’s working! Have fun!

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