FG license: free.

Time zone: CST, can play any day after 7:30, or Monday/Tuesday at any time besides the morning.

Term: Really looking for a group that plays at least once every week, but if I can't find that, I'll have to settle, I'm even willing to learn 5E or PF2 by doing One Shots.

Voice chat over discord is preferred.

Game System Preferred: I have about a year of experience in 3.0-3.5, but I would like to give 5.0 a try. I'm getting the book soon in the mail. But I've been trying to learn it from PDFs. Also I'm slightly interested in trying out PF2.

FG familiarity: absolutely none.

Preferred Play Style: Honestly, I love playing different classes, but one of my favorites from 3.5 was the Cleric, also just being a balls to the wall barbarian is fun from time to time.

About Me: I've been playing 3.0 for a little while now, but unfortunately my group has broken up. I'm always having fun, and always wanting to make the game enjoyable to everyone else (including the DM!).
Since they are popular right now, I'm looking forward to 5.0, PF2, or possibly even Endless Realms!!!

I'm very, very much looking forward to meeting some people and being able to play again!