FG License: One player has standard and I just joined with a free account.

Time Zone: Central Time USA

Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Can play Friday after 6pm CST, anytime Saturday, and until 7pm Sunday CST. Weekly to monthly frequency.

Term: Willing to do long term to one-shot.

Voice: Discord ready.

Game System Preferred: Both players are familiar with and prefer 5E. Both have nine months of experience with 5E.

Fantasy Grounds Experience: One player has minor experience with FG (two games as a PC) and I just joined.

Character Type Preferred: I enjoy being in a frontline or support combat role. I like to play any martial character at the moment as Im still learning the ins and outs of magic but looking to learn characters that use magic eventually. Other player is comfortable with most roles and characters but is considering either a fighter or ranger.