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Thread: New Game

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    New Game

    I am starting a 4e campaign.

    What I am looking for: players that won’t be afk or doing something else while role playing.

    What I am offering: a weekly 4e game running LOD module. 5-6 players if we even get that many.

    I have had some bad experiences in the past with min maxing in 4e so the chars will be pre made. What’s available:
    A wood elf cleric,
    Dwarf fighter shield focus,
    Minotaur Barbarian,
    Kalashtar Bard,
    A elf ranger,
    A war forged paladin,
    A saytr warlock,
    A Eladrin wizard,
    A thiefling Rogue
    If you have a char you would really like me to input I will do so if it’s for roleplaying reasons. If it’s because your build gives a +1 bonus over mine and does way more damage then nah.

    Oh this campaign is based on Eberron. I am a newbie to it so please be patient with me. Please post here with which char you would like to play or the role you would like to play. This will start in the last week of May. I am pretty open to the day.


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    Depending on day and time of day, I'd e very interested in joining this. I've never played an Eberron campaign and would like to give it a try!

    As of right now I don't have any character that I'd prefer, but I'm guessing you mean a Tiefling Rogue, not thiefling, although thiefling also sounds accurate for a rogue

    To err is human.
    To arrrr is pirate.

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    Haha, yea oops.

    Great if we get at least 2 more we can start. All the chars are on the server so just grab the one that sounds best for you. Saves a lot of time versus creating them. Your welcome to make changes for theatrical reasons.

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    I never played an Artificer, and the class seems to fit Eberron pretty well. Do you have a premade for that, too? (Not that I would definitely choose that, but I feel it should be in the mix?)

    Also, I mentioned this to a couple of players and they asked if the characters are premade, but the choice on how to develop them past the starting level (also with retraining) is for the player to make OR if the development is also premade, and I thought I'd ask here. So how do you plan to handle that?

    As a sidenote, I'm in several Discord groups that act as hubs for 4e players, if you want me to, I can relay this post there. I'm sure there are enough players out there who'd want to join.
    To err is human.
    To arrrr is pirate.

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    Nothing is premade past 1st level and you can always retrain something if it ends up not fitting the char as it develops. Good oversight on the artificer. I will add one. Thank you. And feel free to throw out to else where to try to find players.


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    Do you mind reskinning of the races that are premade? IE, if I wanted to play a Human Barbarian, but took your mechanically minotaur barbarian and played him as a large human? or is it strict premade and prefluffed?
    Also what time of day/timezone is this likely to be in?

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    It is pretty open as long as it doesn’t require to much work on parsaing and updating server etc. also when you guys level I’ll give you me DDI login with a temp password so you can update char.


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    depending on the time of day/timezone this might be interesting.
    since you're focusing on premade characters, and i've seen some strange ideas by gm's on what they think constitutes minmaxing and how to make players not do that: could you perhaps post one of the builds as an example? the bard sounds most interesting to me
    do you also have premade backstories for the characters, or do we get to make our own?
    and finally: how long do you plan this campaign to run, and what level range do you expect that to cover? i'd prefer a long-running lvl 1-30 campaign

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    I’ll post the bard tomorrow. I was hoping for a long running campaign, but life can happen. I am pretty open on my hours. I am in central time zone. I was thinking Thursday's 5 or 6 to 9 or 10. I am pretty flexible.

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    that timezone/time of day would only work saturdays for me (central european timezone)

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