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Thread: New Game

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    Yes there are. So far we have
    A wizard
    A barbarian
    A cleric
    Another person choosing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrrthritis View Post
    I'm definitely interested in joining this! Are there any player slots available at the moment?
    I'm still mulling over what to play. If you'd like to play a defender, then I'll play a striker (I'd prefer this), but if you want to play something else, I'll play the defender.
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    I'll make a defender then, probably a Fighter or Paladin, as I haven't had much experience playing those (and from what I hear battleminds are mostly only viable as off-tanks)

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    oh, battleminds can be tons of fun and quite sticky with lodestone lure; they have also a high-damage option (if you build for it) with brutal barrage, or if you mc fighter they can give a nasty debuff at will on lvl 13 as well (dizzying mace->con mod penalty to hit, can be combined with psychic lock and possibly occasionally prone; target is also dazed and generally unhappy)
    though many battlemind builds mostly shine when combined with another class - cavalier paladin is one of my favourites to tag onto something

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    Hey-o. I'm very interested in this game since Llyle shared it. I was thinking about making a Warlord since we've got a fighter and a barbarian if that's cool.

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    Yes that would make 6 and fill us up.

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    Okay so after giving it a good deal of thought I think the better character for me to play would be my Dryad Vampire. I have a much stronger sense of her story and character, I did however really want to use the Yakuza Character Theme with her. I don't know if its strong or anything I just imagine her as a very brutal and terrifying fighter and Ruthless Demonstration encapsulates that to a T. Plus some of the later level stuff is cool too.

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