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    LFG - Looking for Long Duration Planned game

    FG License: own Full
    Time Zone: -7 Mountain AZ
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Week nights minus fridays or weekends
    Term: Long term
    Voice: Yes

    Game System Preferred: 5e
    Game System Experience: 5e
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Currently playing my first campgain on fridays nights, but looking to get into another with more RP flavor

    Character Type Preferred: My only class so far that i played is Ranger. per rangers-types but looking to explain

    About me: Im 35. Never gotten into D&D outside of the OG video games, Bahuldars gate, icewind dale,neverwinters. Just recently over the past 6-7 months got dedicated into watching Critical Role starting with Campgain 2, now watching campgain 1. supported their kickstarted for Legends of Vox. been watching other streams and I been in a campgain for the last 2 months with a friend, his dad and brother whose the DM along with their fam friend and my younger brother all via FG with Discord for comms. Would like to have another weeknight game with more RP flavor that i come to expect and enjoy from watching critical role or atleast more than what im getting in my current campgain.

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    I'm also interested!

    I'm EST so I'm 2 hours ahead of you, but I'm looking to play at the same times.

    I'm looking to play weekdays after work or Sunday any time.

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    It is always good to make a LFG post and introduce yourself but you will generally find that the way to get into a game is to visit the site often (daily even) and browse all new posts and apply directly to any games that fit your requirements. Most games fill up before the GM has a need to search the LFG posts.

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    im a little bit new to dnd. been doing it for half a year or so, but i am putting together a DND 5e campaign. i currently get off of work at 11pm EST so if you don't mind playing untill 3-4am in the morning then i would like to set up something.

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    I'm down if it is Thursdays. I live in Central time zone. I have discord and play multiclass usually.

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