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    Experienced Dungeon Master/Player Looking For A RP Heavy Group To Have Fun With. =)

    FG License: Ultimate (I currently DM but want to join a session as a player)

    Time Zone: US Central (Central Daylight Time)

    Available: Friday, Saturday after 7:30 p.m CDT
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday after 10:00 p.m CDT

    English only

    Voice: Yes Webcam: Available if necessary.

    Game Systems Preferred: 5e

    Experience: A little over 10 years as both a player and a DM. Looking for 70/30 RP/combat, but flexible.

    If I raise your eyebrow please message me via Discord @Ducktales4537. You are much more likely to get a faster response then messaging me here. Later

    Hopefully hear from you soon much love. Ducktales Awoohoo
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