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    Thank you for creating this!

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    The credit should really go to the author Skerples for writing such a fine adventure and releasing it for free, He has another adventure which just out which isn't free but is really good in a old school sort of way
    , I'm currently DMing it with a bunch of kids and they are loving it

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkwind View Post
    I have converted the module from this site
    Its meant as a @[email protected] dungeon for new players and DM's
    The original is system neutral old school friendly so it shpould be fairly easy to convert this module to any D20 fantasy game like 5e , 13th age or castles and Crusades. I started doing it for Celestian's free adnd rules set but it opens fine in the new 2e set
    thanks very much.

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    Any reason this is exported as read-only? MoonWizard (an FG dev) recommends that adventures be exported with read-only set to false: presumably so that folks can hack/edit the story entries and other things easily to customize the adventure.

    My own interest in getting read-only disabled is that I'd like to be able to run this adventure in 5e. So I tried to export just the stories and images (which are ruleset agnostic) without exporting the NPC's, encounters, items, and parcels (which are ruleset dependent). I'm unable to export any of the read-only entries. The original PDF is CC BY-NC-SA so there shouldn't be any copyright reason to prevent people from hacking/re-exporting.

    Any chance of getting this updated to remove the read-only flag?

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