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    Any implicit action on returning true/false/nil?

    My expectation is that it does nothing, but figured I'd ask in case my mind is about to be blown

    When a method (addTraitDB) is called where the return value is not explicitly checked, like so:

    	for _,v in pairs(DB.getChildren(nodeSource, "traits")) do
    		addTraitDB(nodeChar, "reference_racialtrait", v.getPath());
    Does anything special happen based on what, if anything is returned by this method? [EDIT: like "exit the loop"]

    In the current implementation, there are returns each of:
    return false;
    (and the final all went well until the end
    return true;

    Is this is just "habit" and/or "in case in future" type coding?
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    Nothing happens implicitly. You would need to explicitly check returned value and do something according to it.
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    Ok, then they just return the true/false nil values for chuckles I’ll edit my version of the method to not return anything since I do not yet have a reason to check the result either.

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