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    LFP 2 Players for High Fantasy Fate Core game Thurs 23 May 7pm (no experience reqr)

    Event closed - one shot run in May 2019

    Fate of the Inner Sea: Smugglers' Run (one-shot Fate Core high fantasy adventure)

    FG License:
    I have an Ultimate license. Players only need free Demo.
    Game System: Fate Core (no experience required - new gamers welcome)

    Date: Thurs May 23rd, 7-11 pm EST
    Planned Duration & Frequency: One Shot, 4 hours
    Term: Playtesting scenario for an upcoming convention in June. No experience required. This is intended as a scenario to explain Fate Core to new players.

    Text or Voice: Voice, using Discord. Will not be recorded/ live streamed.

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Roughly 65 / 35, depending on player choices.
    Number of Players in game & needed: 4 players. I Have 2 players, need 2 more.
    Character starting level & equipment: Pre-generated PCs (Female Elf Scout, Male Human Mercenary, Female Gnome Thief / Fixer, Male Human Wizard - Transmuter). Standard Fate Core character starting points (5 Aspects, 10 skills, 3 stunts, 3 refresh).
    Character restrictions: Pre-generated characters (since this is for a convention)

    Details of your scenario:

    The fallen Kingdom of Kaneth is ripe for plunder, but the Philosopher-Kings of Delanor have decreed that only the chosen few may venture to the lands torn asunder by an arcane rift 500 years ago. More than one opulent lord or lady would pay dearly for rare, ancient Kanethian artifacts. The Shadow Watch is scouring the back alleys for a few intrepid adventurers to go on a smuggler run to the forbidden lands and back. No Bailiff fee. No sanctimonious Purifier to seize “tainted” goods. Just a cut of the profits... for those who return.

    A few desperate souls have answered the call. A dead-broke wizard, hungering to expand the boundaries of his magic. A gnome Fixer from the Shadow Watch who may be in over her head. An elvish scout apparently too curious for her own good. And a cynical mercenary who has stared death in the eyes one too many times. A high fantasy adventure for up to 4 players, using the Fate Core system.

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    Last edited by MisterG; October 31st, 2019 at 03:36. Reason: One shot. Game closed.

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    Sorry I missed the event tonite, but if there is room at any future sitting let me know!


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    Just checking on the status of the game. Is it happening? Is there room?

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    The game ran back in May. It was a one shot playtest in preparation for a convention.

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