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    As mentioned in the PMs, if you haven't done so already, please let me know whether you A. are still interested in the game in general and B. can make the next game on TUE July 16th 5.30 PM GMT.

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    Tuesday, July 16th, 5:30pm GMT allows me to play until 7:00pm GMT and then return to the game at 8:30pm GMT until it ends. Also it is dependant on me not having emergency calls to attend to for work. I really want to play and will accomodate as best I can. However I do not want to hold a spot that another player could take, and then not show up in the end. So if there are too many players for this time slot, then I will bow out. If there is an available slot for me and it is not too much of an interruption to have me leave in the middle, then please count me in!

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