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    Yes, in 15 minutes.

    To confirm: The server should be up.

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    Next game TUE June 25th 5.30 PM GMT.

    Unless the dice roll luck shifts towards you probably still two sessions to go.

    No game on the 2nd of July.

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    Reminder about the next game on TUE June 25th 5.30 PM GMT.

    If you can't make it be sure to notify me so I know whether to start the game or not.

    As already mentioned no game on July 2nd.

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    As two players had to cancel for today on short notice due to work: I'll have the server up in around 30 minutes but there is the possibility that there is no game today due to lack of players.

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    Confirmation: Unfortunately no game today, next game scheduled in two weeks.
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    I had to cover for 2 people on Vacation all week. Yesterday I was assigned 3 shifts back to back, so could not make it and did not sleep for over 42 hours. But they will be back Monday so will be available again
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    It happens and is always a risk especially for weeknight games.

    As already mentioned next game on TUE July 9th.

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    Reminder about the game today.

    If you can't make it, please let me know in advance.

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