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    I had never heard of doodle, I thought you had a quick drawing some where.
    Tue 5pm is also good, its 11am for me. I get off work at 9 so have 2 hours to get home.
    There is a line drawn between the darkness and the light, the question is; Where do you stand, in the Darkness, in the Light or on the Line?
    Yes there are three choices not just two.
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    New Doodle with specific dates for the first sessions.

    @everyone: Please fill it out to determine when our fist sessions will most likely be. I restricted it to June for now as plans for July are still likely to change over time.

    There will be at most one session per week but please mark every time you likely would be available to make scheduling easier.

    Please note that if we can't consistently get 3-4 players for a specific weekday (TUE, THU or FR), we might have to change weekdays depending on the week and/or skip weeks. Scheduling games can be the most difficult aspect.

    Session 0 will likely be shorter than regular sessions as it seems unlikely that all players will decide on their characters immediately.

    Adjusting times a little bit (e.g. start/end time +- 30 minutes) is possible as long as it still reasonable.
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    If we can put forward the start time on Tuesdays by 30 mins I can make those also. I'm at GMT+1, I finish work at 5 so 6:30 would give me a chance to get home and ready to play.

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    Alright, thanks. The responses so far point towards TUE 11th and 25th as the first two sessions.

    Yes, 5.30 PM GMT (if I understood you correctly, Inlike Flynn) would still give us enough time to run for around 3.30 hours (assuming everyone shows up on time of course).

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    Now I am confused about the starting time, (lets blame summer time) either is fine for me.
    So I live in GMT+1 time zone, with summertime that makes it +2.
    So my question is, is the summer time taken into account with the original starting time, or is the time displayed on the doodle the one to go by?

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    I'll let Stephan answer for sure, but I also go with the one from Doodle. The timezone should not be changing with Summer time. I'm also good either way

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    Simple answer: This link.

    Germany is only one example, most European countries (including the Netherlands) should be the same.

    Longer answer: The doodle SHOULD adjust to your local timezone. To confirm though: The GMT time (5.30) would be +2 for you, so 7.30 PM.

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    Well met young Kassenites! - I know that I am not like you or from around here, so let me introduce mylsef. I am called Tanis. My parents are the elven emmisaries here from the Fang Wood of Nirmathas looking for aid and allies to help protect our people from the imperialistic master, Nirmathas the VIII, who threatens us with constant war unless we capitulate to his rule. The stories of the strenght and resolve of Kassen's Hold are highly regarded amoung my people, and the fear is, should the impending war go not in our favour, you may be seeing more of my kind here before many more moons. The timing of these talks is fortuitous for me since it coincides with your old tradition of capture the flame from the Kassen's Tomb. I am super excited to be a part of this, and to mark this event as my rite of passage. You see, I have never really had a chance to adventure with other young people my age. I am barely in my 70's yet, and so just as young as your are! What's more my parents think tht joining you on this rite of passage will be an excellent way to foster good will between your people and mine own, and help them in their mission to gain allies and close friends. So let's not dally, we have a flame to ignite!

    I hereby explicitly state that I have read the character creation rules.

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