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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgain View Post
    good point Rodney! I have used that pdf a lot in my games to add more fun to spellcasting.

    Also, GM's should remember that the rules are for a 'sandbox' - you can do pretty much whatever you like with stuff, if you just want spellcasters to gain new powers when they take the edge, then do it. If you want it to be a major pain in the rear - then do that. I run 3 fantasy based games and I use different rules for each one. Makes it a lot more fun for me as the GM. I have to use a cheat sheet to keep track of our rules - and I was majorly glad to see that they included a list in the SWADE rules for just that.
    Thank you guys, for all the advice! I can see that SW very much is a sandbox. When I started learning all the mechanics, I could see things that I liked and other things where I wanted to change the way it worked and saw no problem doing so. I'm very much impressed with this ruleset. I am trying to run a wild west/steampunk campaign in 5e but I can see this fits the bill much better.

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    When I first started playing SW I also saw a lot of things I wanted to change. But after playing it for a while I realised that the whole thing hangs together in a much more coherent way than most other systems, and there was hardly anything that actually needed changing. So my advice is run it RAW to begin with so you can see how well balanced and playable it really is.

    And if you want to run a steampunk style game, SW is definitely the best choice! You might also find the Deadlands and Rippers Resurrected settings to have some great additional material too.
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    When I first read savage worlds, there were lots of things that looked dumb on paper but after actually playing with them they turned out to be awesome. So I second the advice above to play it RAW first and then tinker after
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