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Thread: Ethernet only?

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    Ethernet only?

    Me and my friend have been going through hell that past two days trying to set him up as DM as he kept failing the connection test when loading a campaign, we recently found that it only works if he is directly connected to the router which is in an area he can't exactly play in due to it being a family area, is there any workarounds to be able to host using a WiFi connection instead of Ethernet?

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    HI and welcome to FG Rin.

    FG will run just fine off Wifi or Ethernet but it will depend a lot on what kind of set up you have. It sounds like the issue may well be that the Wifi is an additional device between your computer and the internet rather than being part of the router itself. In other words your route to the Internet is Computer > Wifi > Router rather than Computer > Router.

    If that is the case then the Router will need to chain the port forwarding from the router to the WiFi and then from there to the computer. There is a lot of information in this post and if you could report back with the answers to the questions posed in the post we may be able to help further.
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    Welcome! It's possible that the port forwarding rule on the router is still pointing at the IP address his computer has while connected with a wire. When switching over to WiFi, the computer will almost always get a different local IP address on the network, and so the port forwarding rule needs to be updated to forward to that new IP address. Be aware that the computer may get a different IP address each time it connects to the network, depending on the network's DHCP config on the router. You can often "reserve" an IP address in the router to make sure you always get the same local IP address, but that way to do that will vary depending on the router model.

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    Hi punished rin you or your GM should read this and then work out how it applies to your specific network topology...

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    I figure one of two things (or possibly both?) is happening:

    1. Port forwarding on the router is pointed to the IP his computer had on ethernet (different network interfaces on a computer will get unique IP addresses; it isn't just "Windows getting an IP" it's "a network adapter getting an IP").

    2. The wireless network is considered by Windows to be a public network, and any allowances made to the Firewall for Fantasy Grounds were made to the Private network.

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