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That sounds like OSRIC? I know they are wide open. I've contacted Stuart Marshall a few times to confirm and from my conversations that system is pretty open and makes it easy to use.

If that's not OSRIC ignore me... I just wanted to mention it because OSRIC is pretty nice
its not OSRIC but its not keyed to any particular clone or version of DnD either, armour is given s a word, (plate, leather etc.) and there is a hit dice stat morale and damage, its system neutral old school friendly, its the adventure i mentioned to you by PM a few months back

saying that are one two cracking OSRIC modules published by Expeditious Retreat press like the "The Pod Caverns of the Sinister Shroom" which would be great to convert to FG. Not sure what the legal implications of publishing OSRIC modules that depend on the 2e ruleset thru the online store are