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    Game looking for a few new Players - Rotate through Several Different RPGs

    FG License: I have an Ultimate, so the players just need the Demo

    Game System: Rotate through several different RPGs, currently running a 5E, Pathfinder, and about to start a Starfinder. All are house ruled to some extent.

    Time Zone: Central Time USA

    Day of week and time: Alternate Saturday afternoons, usually from 1pm CT until 5pm CT.
    If new game, planned start date: Next game will be June 1st, 2019

    Planned Duration & Frequency: The 5E game currently has 9th level characters, the Pathfinder has 5th level characters, and the new Starfinder will start with 3rd level characters.

    Text or Voice: Primarily voice

    Voice software used: Discord

    Not recorded or live streamed

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 25/75 Heavy Combat

    Number of Players in game & needed: Currently have 2 regular players, looking for 2-3 more.

    Character restrictions: Do not allow evil characters and prefer just good.

    Contact me at [email protected] or here.

    - Robert

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    Room for a Sorcerer and Paladin for D&D 5E?
    If so DM me and I can send more info.
    Backstory about characters, more about players, etc....

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    I'd be interested in D&D and Pathfinder groups. I'd be wiling to play any character the party needs, but prefer Cleric, Bard, or Pally.

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    I would also be interest in joining. I'm new to pathfinder starfinder and fantasygrounds but I have plenty of 5e experience.

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    ok, read it wrong.. used to seeing the z as in CTZ didn't click where CT was.

    If there are no evil chars then who is going to steal my stuff while I am asleep?
    I play with a P&P group sat 2-8 and there are always 2-3 evil chars in the group. even when we do RNG on the char creation. Actually my last char was L/G but after my character got tired of one of the C/E players stealing, ninja looting during battles constantly trying to bed everything I knocked him out, trapped his body in a chest and spread his soil in a holy shrine. The DM said my good character would not do that so switched my alignment to L/E. My response, " good ptt, evil ptt, i'm the one with the sunsword"
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    Me and my two core players are all around 60, and have been playing together since the mid 80s.

    We all met in Austin in our early/mid twenties and played regular live RPGs until I had to move to Dallas in 2009. I got some of the old group back together in 2015 after finding FG.

    Through the many years of playing, the most important thing I have discovered is that inter party conflict sucks and the only real way to stop it is by enforcing a strict non-evil policy.

    I run a mostly combat game with only light RP, but round the table BSing is fun. If you are still interested, send me a brief background of your gaming experience. While experience is great, someone willing to learn is fine.

    We alternate games when either I or a majority of the players feel like it. Sometimes switching between games every session.

    We just lost a semi-regular player because of work scheduling, I'm hoping he might be back eventually.

    The 5E game is near the end of Dragon Hoard adventure, the Pathfinder game is near the end of the 1st AP book of it's series (Strange Aeons), and for Starfinder, I'm preparing to run the Dark Suns AP.

    - Robert
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    If you are interested, PM me and we can setup a time to talk.

    - Robert

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    Still looking for one or two interested players.

    - Robert

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