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    Macbook Pro having issues downloading Fantasy Grounds. We have downloaded it to the 'download' folder on the mac. We were able to open (control - click) the fantasy grounds application but got the following message:

    Error! Cannot write to Info.plist.

    It says we need to download the file into the application folder but that can't be done until we open it in the first place (which needs to be done from the application folder). This seems like a vicious cycle that can't be fixed? Can macbook pro's even run fantasy grounds?

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    Hi! It sounds like you're trying to open Fantasy Grounds from within the DMG file itself, but you have to copy it from within the DMG to your Applications folder and run it from there.

    Basically, you download the DMG file, double-click on it, then drag the Fantasy Grounds application to the Applications folder (they give you handy shortcut there to drag it to, shown in the instructions at the link below). Then you can run Fantasy Grounds from the Applications folder.

    Please check the installation instructions here:

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    Yes.....but that would make sense and be too easy. :P

    Thank you! Sometimes the simplest things are right in front of you.
    (not a mac user)

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