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    LFP D&D Adventure League May 13 09:30 UTC

    Tier 1 Adventure League

    Date: Monday May 13th 09:30 UTC (7:30PM AEST)
    Slots: Max 7 players
    Location: Discord for Voice, Fantasy Grounds - Play for Free, I have an Ultimate Licence
    System: D&D5e Adventure League

    I will be running Adventure League Games fairly regularly, PM me for more information

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    I would be interested...and active. Have always been interested in this. I just got Fantasy Grounds..totally new D&D player. I would be active. Im in Cleveland, Ohio

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    Hello, I would like to play, can you let me know next game ?

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    I'm interested in starting up as well.

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    I'm interested in playing. What time days are you planning on running? I'm in central time zone

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    I'm new to DnD and Fantasy Grounds and interested in playing.

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