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    Sanity point loss

    is there a way to roll "sanity damage" in a similar way to normal damage (so highlight and click) or does it require rolling into the chat and dragging to the sanity stat (with control held to make it negative)?

    also, is there a working document / manual describing what is/isnt automated in the ruleset?

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    The sanity isn't handled like the damage, you have to manually adjust it. What is good though is that the ruleset is tracking the "daily" sanity loss and it will report when you are past the threshold. You reset the counter for the daily sanity point loss from the party sheet.

    PS: There is no such document describing what is automated, which is a huge issue with every commercial ruleset. Some have documentation in the Wiki though and for those that rely on CoreRPG you might assume most of the actions are inherited, but you must test.
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    Thanks for the clarification Valyar.

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