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    Starfinder adventure paths...

    So hopefully to break the silence on the Starfinder forum, let me ask the community a question. I’m getting ready to run Both “Dead suns” and “Aeon Throne”. So my question is how far have others made it threw and anything I should watch out for.

    A good example is in my Rise of the Runelords campaign I found GM text in an items text..

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    I have unfortunately not played either just starting out in fantasy grounds and trying to move from pathfinder history to a starfinder future lol

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    This will be my first delve into Starfinder so should be interesting. I plan to use FG as a VTT for throne and normally for dead suns

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    I plan to play live using the mapping functionality of FG...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eraloir View Post
    What is VTT?
    Virtual Table Top - Fantasy Grounds is a VTT.

    FG Product Development status: Pathfinder Playtest Ruleset and add-ons: In development. Pathfinder Bestiary, Pathfinder Bestiary 2, Pathfinder Bestiary 3 (in store).

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    the silence is that there are not enough SFGms, If you run 1 players will come.
    Right now the only games are on Sunday.
    They are great games (and I suggest any in wanting to pay SG join one), but because of location us USA players have a hard time with the scheduling.
    If you offered a game, beta camp, oneanddone, or anything, on say Wednesday that SF forums would not be silent.


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    Spoiler warning (though I'll try to keep them to a minimum), players please keep away:

    More general advice but it might still be useful.

    The advantage of Dead Suns is that it's pretty much a tour of the Pact Worlds. AtAT renders much of the lore useless due the main locations of the AP.

    One disadvantage of Dead Suns is that some parts don't really add to the main plot. It might be a good idea to skip some of the books.

    The main problem with AtAT in my personal opinion is that the mighty Azlanti most of the times behave ... suboptimal.

    Other ressources:

    This fixes the most glaring issues in the first book of Dead Suns (including the most important one at the end).

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    Currently running Dead Suns and am part way through Book 2. Any issues I've found have been on Paizo's end of the design and I've had to recajigger a few things to make sense (like the first Encounter of Book 2 - UGH, that was dumb) and slightly less railroady. More or less replacing the 1st encounter from book 3 with the one from book 2 but beefing up things to book 3's Tier/CR.

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