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    GM Available here.

    I am able to play as a Game master, but! I am only willing to do the Tale of Dinor for now, because i need some GM Experience, i am quite experienced in D&D already and i am available at 6:30-8:30 basically every day.

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    Since this will be my first D&D on the net, and the first to do this campaign, I would be very glad to play with you. I am +2 GMT so I will be available.

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    ok guys, count me in, although i am not able to attend everyday at these times. Please say what are the real options with the timezone. I am in Italy (GMT+1). I am available for sure on weekends. Weekdays I'm available from 8pm onwards... not Tuesdays.

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    Sounds like you have the beginnings of a game ... check up "Doodec"as he is also GMT-based, and seeks a game ...

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    would you take a noob like me? I am always fun to have around

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    Everyone, thanks alot for posting, the game can be..., tonight, tomorow, or the day after, at whatever time you all want! thanks again

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    Also does anyone here have MSN, therefore we could talk more....erm...Easily.

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    Mine is [email protected]
    I will log on from today afternoon, from around 4 PM GMT

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    Sounds interesting my msn is [email protected]

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    The Game Begins

    Right, game begins thursday at 7 o'clock, GMT +0, see you all soon.

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