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    Basically four important points for Organized Play:

    1. Character creation is restricted (Core Rulebook should mostly be fine however), see p 21 f SFS Guide for details

    2. There is less leeway for players and GMs in general.

    3. You'll need a paizo Organized Play ID.

    4. You'll need to decide on a faction (p 23 ff SFS Guide).

    For this specific weekend I could try to determine whether players also would be available a little bit later than usual, so at a later starting time.

    Yes, unfortunately he would be just outside of the tier (1-4).
    So no use of additional books as outlined on the SFS site?

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    You can use additional books if 1. you (legally) own them as a physical product or pdf and 2. they are allowed as stated in the link you posted.

    Basically the CRB has no restrictions (outside of the character creation guidelines as stated in the SFS Guide), with any other books you'll have to check the additional ressources.

    @everyone: I spoke with the other players, we can also start 2 hours later (3.30 PM GMT) if that is more convenient for you. Please let me know, which start time (1.30 PM GMT or 3.30 PM GMT) you prefer.

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    How would you like me to demonstrate I have all references for my Character? Will it be good enough this time that I used my personal ultimate license to build the character(and therefore have PDFs for all modules)?

    I’m good with any time btw. I have created a completely stereotypical Vesk soldier.

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    Usually GMs (including myself) will rarely ask to audit proof of ownership (see e.g. here for a discussion on the topic). It is of course possible that it can happen but we'll inspect that bridge for structural weeknesses when we'll come to it.

    Anyone else have any preferences on the starting times?

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    I would like to join your game tomorrow.

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    @everyone: As there were no preferences for a later date, we'll stick to 1.30 PM GMT. I'll try to have the server up 30-60 minutes before the game but I can't be sure when exactly I'll get home.

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    character sheet for Tara Watts is posted for review at:

    I've built her in Fantasy Grounds, ready for upload tomorrow morning...

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    Looks good at first glance - and reminds me for no reason whatsoever of a certain character.

    Take 20: Depending on your GM (rules are not entirely clear), you might need a certain amount of time to access the data module (even with easy access) and/or higher priced data modules.

    Whether you can Treat Deadly Wounds without a medkit is also subject to interpretation.

    In any case, I would recommend this very handy cheat sheet on medicine.

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    Chronicle drafts sent.

    Regarding data modules: If you have the Pact Worlds book, it might be simpler to get Library Chips instead as the rules on them are clearer. They also count as a downloaded dataset which means you can take 20 if you take 2 minutes. Please use them in moderation though.

    Data modules seem to cover only very narrow topics, especially at the lower price ranges (see the examples mentioned in the CRB).
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