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    Stone and a Hard Place Feedback & Updates

    The Stone and a Hard Place plot point campaign for Deadlands Reloaded was just sent and will be appearing in the store Soon™. When SmiteWorks first assigned this project, Pinnacle was a little...overzealous with the assets they sent, which went above and beyond just SAAHP itself. What the hell, may as well do the whole shebang! So here it comes!

    Stone and a Hard Place
    • Nine-episode Plot Point Campaign and 14 Savage Tales
    • Player's Guide for more character options
    • Extension (required!) to add the new Hexslinger arcane background
    • Desktop decal extension
    • 24 'pog' style tokens

    Stone and a Hard Place Figure Flats
    • Two (2) token modules each with 43 tokens. One is 'standard' (ie. full-figure, no borders) style, the other is 'pog' style. (In the same manner as the free Animal Tokens and Animal Pogs modules that ship with Fantasy Grounds.)
    • Unencrypted!

    Note: During development, I had hoped the Figure Flats tokens would be packaged in with the main Plot Point Campaign, however since it's a separate product from Pinnacle with its own SKU, it was decided by Pinnacle and SmiteWorks to split this into its own product. The NPCs in the Plot Point Campaign who appear as figure flats have their token linked to this product.

    The Tombstone Seven
    • Seven pre-generated characters, built as standard CoreRPG pregens and Savage Worlds archetypes
    • All pregens also rebuilt as NPCs if you need some extra characters in your campaign
    • Portraits for each character
    • Tokens (standard and pog) for each character

    Lone Killers of the Southwest
    • Five real-life outlaws as NPCs and story hooks
    • Pog tokens and artwork for each outlaw

    Stone and a Hard Place Combat Map Pack 1 & 2
    • Two map packs, resized where needed to fit the 2,000 pixel recommendation for Fantasy Grounds

    A Tale of Two Killers
    • Adventure that has some tie-in hooks to the Stone and a Hard Place plot point campaign.

    Note: Some of the NPCs use the Hexslinger arcane background, but since they're already pre-built for this adventure I don't think the Stone and a Hard Place extension is required to run this adventure, but I could be mistaken on that.

    A few sample screenies:

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Looks good. I look forward to the day I can buy it.

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    Finished up THE FLOOD about 9 months ago, so yeah, looking forward to this.


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    This is in the middle of QA now. Since (obviously) SAAHP was written four years ago, SWADE did not exist, so while it will technically open in SWADE, for now SWADE users (mainly the GMs; there's nothing in the SAAHP Player's Guide that conflicts with SWADE) will encounter the link indicators built into SWADE that certain links (edges and skills in this case) will not work because they don't exist in SWADE.

    Post-release a 100% SWADE version is not off the table yet; it's a matter of what SmiteWorks feels is the best course of action and whether I'm willing to do the extra effort to maintain two versions of all the "for GM only" modules or not.

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    I know it wasn't you doing it, but is there any info on the Last Sons? This looks absolutely awesome, I cant wait to get into it!

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