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    Campaign.xml issues

    Power went out while I was doing some prep. Now when I open Fantasy Grounds I get
    Database Error: A XML parse error occurred processing file campaigns/Game/campaign.xml - Error on line 0: Error document empty.
    My game doesn't show up in the Load Game menu anymore.

    What exactly am I supposed to do to fix this? ://
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    Create a new campaign for the same ruleset, exit FG, then copy the campaign.xml file from the new campaign to the one with the problem

    You can get to the FG data folder using the folder button in upper right of FG launch screen.


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    This allowed me to load the game, but all of the characters, custom NPCs, and story entries are missing.

    EDIT: I restored my db.xml from a backup and everything is fine now. Thank you for your help!
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